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Melanie C TOTP WebChat - 10/15/00

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Craig Kirk asks: "At what age did you start singing?"

My mum was a singer from the age of 14, so I was brought up with singing and music in the house. I can't remember not singing, really. When Madonna came around, I just wanted to be her.

Victoria Rogers asks: "I love 'Holler'. Are there going to be more songs like this from the Spice Girls?"

I think once the album comes out, it'll be quite an indication as to how the album will be. There are lots of cool, up tempo tracks, but there will also be more songs like 'Holler', yes.

Indy asks: "When is your album out??"

The new album, 'Forever', is out on 6 November - the day after I play at Wembley Arena with a fabulous band called Tomcat and Kelis.

Emma asks: "Where do you get your influences from??"

When I was growing up I listened to my mum's records - Stevie Wonder, Motown stuff, Beatles. As I got older I got into Madonna, Janet Jackson, Oasis, Blur - I still am. So it's a big mixture.

Natty Spice asks: "Which famous person were you most pleased to meet so far?"

I think Stevie Wonder was a big one. That's the only time me and Emma have been speechless. In the picture of when we met him, our mouths were just open, it was like, oh my God! It was somewhere in Italy at a big concert.

Dawn Williams asks: "Is there a video coming out for Northern Star??"

There isn't one planned yet. But there's another song to come out from the album, on the 27 November, so it's something we may do after that.

Paul asks: "Do you care what people say about you?"

I used to, when the Spice Girls first got a lot of media attention, it hurt when they said cruel things and it cheered me up when they said great things. But I'm not affected by it now - a lot of it is nasty and personal, but you've just got to remember that it's one person's opinion.

Lucy Ball asks: "Are there anymore UK tours from you or the Spice Girls?!"

I'm gonna be touring again early next year. The dates will be in the papers. I've got Wembley Arena on 5 November, and then another tour in February.

Clare Trepak asks: "Your solo album was great, where do you get the inspiration to write the songs?"

The solo record is something I've always wanted to do. It was inspired from growing up, things I've been through with the Spice Girls. Bad boyfriends, good boyfriends, all that stuff.

James asks: "What kind of music do you listen to in your spare time, is it the same kind of music as the spice girls?"

I like quite a lot of different types. At the moment I'm listening to Eminem, Mel B's new album, Fiona Apple - when I feel subdued, Stevie Wonder, Pink's new album, Lenny Kravitz. Lots of stuff. If it's good I listen to it!

Disa Armour asks: "What would you like most this Christmas?"

A number one album! It would be nice.

Richard Oliver asks: "Are any of the Spice Girls practical jokers??"

Mel says: "I think Mel B is the biggest practical joker. But I don't like playing jokes because it means someone owes you one back. And I don't like lying either!

Luke Grant asks: "Why did you have different wacky hair style?"

Really because I just got bored with my appearence, and I just like to experiment with the way I look.

Janet Sponge asks: "Do you find it hard to shop in Woolworths?"

Mel says: "I don't actually shop there much - only to get selection boxes for Christmas! I don't really find it hard to shop anywhere. I was walking down Oxford Street the other day and it was great! I just keep my head down and move fast!

Emma Dent asks: "Are you planning to do any more singles with other famous pop stars?"

There's none in the pipeline. But I'd love to do a single with Madonna, or Lenny Kravitz - anyone who comes along. These things come out of nowhere, so hopefully opportunities will come along.

Natalie asks: "what do you do if you get a cold and can't sing properly before you go onstage?"

Well, my show's really difficult, so I have to speak as little as I can during the day, and inhale steam, which helps my vocal chords.

Faye Cowley asks: "Have you enjoyed your break from the Spice Girl paraphanalia?"

Yes, it's been nice to have a break. I think we needed some time to do our own things. But now we're back together, we appreciate each other a lot more.

Vicki Driver asks: "Have you considered having a family, or are you just going to live life to the full?"

I really want a family, but I'm quite happy on my little mission at the moment, trying to get my music heard all over the world. But if I meet the right daddy, I'd love to have kids!

Sarah Hill asks: "If you won an award for the best singer of the century what would you say as a speech? I think you are a brill singer!"

I'd be greatly flattered. But it's difficult, because everyone has his own opinion, so I don't think everyone would agree. Celine Dion's a better singer than me! It depends.

Nathalie Woodward asks: "Do you ever babysit Victorias' and Mel's kiddies?"

I was babysitting on Sunday, but Mel was there anyway. But we hung out with Phoenix and had a tea party with giraffes! The kids have got lots of character now they're a bit older.

Grendel asks: "Who do you think should be the next England Manager?"

Terry Venables. I like him.

John Harvey asks: "What's it like working with Tomcat?? Do they sometimes annoy you??"

No, they're a good bunch of lads, really talented and original. They're really funny, comical, and they're good boys.

Vicki Bromley asks: "Mel, What is the best birthday present you've ever gotten? It's my birthday tomorrow! Yay!"

My birthday's really near Christmas. It used to be frustrating because I got combined Christmas and birthday presents. I got lots of money on my 18th - that was good. I can't remember what I spent it on. Probably sweets! Or clothes and going out...

Robert Sandbach asks: "Do you think Eminem is a bad influence on society?"

I think his lyrics are very offensive, but to a point where it's comical, because no one can be that out of order!

Ann Naylor asks: "What ideas do you have for your second solo album?"

There are lots of collaborations I'd like to do, like Madonna and Lenny Kravitz. But I've got lots of other ideas, but it's all going to come together in the studio, because that's where I work best and focus on the music. So we'll just wait and see.

Laura Chamberlain asks: "Do you ever get fed up with all the falseness of the music business, if so does going back to Liverpool put everything back into perspective?"

What I get fed up with in the music industry is how people get ripped off. A lot of managers and record companies are just out to get a quick buck, and the music's nothing to them. So it's difficult for new bands to come through, often, because they're not into the media hype and all that stuff.

Erwin asks: "The song 'If that were me', is it based on something that has happened in your life???"

It's based on the plight of the homeless. I think it's disgusting that people have to live like that. I saw it in Liverpool when I was young, and now in London. I want it to be a charity record, and the money to go to various homeless charities.

Goodbye! Thanks very much for all your questions!

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